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MemoryCo is a personalized content training platform enabling assisted living community residents and medical institution patients to manage their memory impairments effectively. The MemoryCo training program has three components:

 Memory Masters Workshops

Fun and engaging workshops teaching memory techniques that can be applied immediately. Teaches how to remember multiple items, faces and names through instruction.

 Memory Specialist Consultations

A dedicated Memory Specialist helps identify strengths and weaknesses, offering personal instruction on using memory modules, and providing assistance with personalized content.

 Continuous Real-Time Tracking

The program continues on our web platform with monthly check-ins with a dedicated memory specialists. Quarterly "booster" Memory Masters Workshops are conducted.

Personalized Content

We manage memory problems in seniors with or at risk for memory impairments to enable them to thrive in real-world situations.

Artificial Intelligence

We develop memory training solutions with precise strategies, driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Clinical Training

We translate scientific advancements into personalized services to improve memories that matter.

Real-Time Feedback

We improve the quality of cognitive training by introducing continuous cognitive performance measurement.

MemoryCo Team

  • Ali Titiz, PhD
  • CEO, Co-Founder
  • Carolyn Dunlavy
  • CFO, Co-Founder
  • Ali Hussein, MBA
  • Business Strategy Advisor
  • Gregory Holmes, MD
  • Clinical Studies
  • Dawn Eliashiv, MD
  • Clinical Studies
  • Fabien Scalzo, PhD
  • Machine Learning
  • Eren Bas
  • Platform Development
  • Yaman Terzioglu, MFA
  • Cognitive Task Development
  • MFA @ Purdue University
  • Sinan Ozer
  • Operational Management

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